👋 Hi, I'm Tomer

My passion is to create tools and products for developers to be productive and happy. I strive to build innovative and new experiences for developers that go above-and-beyond table-stakes expectations.

I currently work at Stripe, managing some of our Developer User Experience teams. We're working on building better developer toolings and products for our users.

Previously, I worked at Yelp as the tech lead for the public REST API, the public GraphQL API, and building internal and mobile APIs.


How should we build the APIs of tomorrow?
A meditation on embracing physics, improving developer experience, and evolving the status quo.


Stripe CLI image
Stripe CLI
A CLI tool to help developers integrate with Stripe
Stripe for VS Code image
Stripe for VS Code
Bringing developers the tools they need right in their editor
Yelp Fusion API image
Yelp Fusion API
Add local data right into your application
Yelp GraphQL image
Yelp GraphQL API
A local graph API to easily query for local content
Yelp Dataset Image
Yelp Open Dataset
An all-purpose dataset for learning